Welcome to Vapi Green Enviro Limited

Vapi Green Enviro Limited, a Non Equity- Non Profit entity, based on cooperative principles with corporate culture of management, was formed with an objective of providing a Comprehensive Environment Management Program (CEMP) for the estate.

We have installed end of the pipeline treatment facilities like Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) and Transport, Storage, Disposal Facility for hazardous solid waste (TSDF) to control pollution levels and now focus is shifted to pollution abatement by adopting and promoting Cleaner Production, Cleaner Technology for Cleaner Development Mechanism.

Effective Pollution Control

The pollution control measures are taken at the points of origin, in transit and also at the end of the pipeline by providing collective treatment prior to its final disposal.

CETP was commissioned in 1997. In 2001, All wastewater generated in the estate were linked to CETP to ensure that environment is protected.

VGEL set up a common solid waste management site in 1999 and in year 2000, commissioned first cell of Secured Landfill Constructed as per German Design based on asphalt-concrete base liners. VGEL provided the facility for collection, transport, storage and disposal of hazardous solid wastes at this site and a small incineration system was added in year 2002. In the expansion phase, for additional cells, Geo Membrane-Geo textile liner system was adopted as per CPCB guidelines.

Based on a year long monitoring for ambient air and samples collected from 20 stations, an Action Plan was prepared to improve air quality in the estate to reduce the vehicular emission load, a program to improve traffic decongestion and check level of emissions from vehicles in cooperation with local administration and RTA.

Effective Pollution Control Measures

Dynamic Monitoring

Under a comprehensive monitoring program trained operators I equipped with dedicated mobile communication, monitor mobile communication, monitor entire Estate (24’7); draw samples of effluent from outlets of units. These samples are analyzed at three QC labs of the company and any aviations in norms are e-mailed to units for appropriate corrective measures. Appropriate action is initiated against - consistent defaulters.

Monitoring also includes sampling of ground water from 10 representative tube wells within the estate and 10 wells on periphery of estate.

Effective Pollution Control Measures